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Your intro guide to the Narrators guild!

Master of the guild: Hello fellow guild members old and new! Welcome our new online domain of trials and challenges of greatness during these times of great plague! Be sure, my merry comrades, we can make the most out of this year! Whether through crafting things anew or simply catching up on many years of rest!

But if you are up to sharpening your skills or simply sharing old, here is a guide to our digital halls for your safety and entertainment!

Town Centre

The gathering place for us all, come here to find the latest news!

Official guild notices

The official notice bored of communications from your counsel to you, written by:

  • Your guild master: Rose

  • Draconic advisor: Adi

  • Joker/squire: Tasha

  • Guardian of the socials: Bex

  • Advisor: Martin


As you travel virtually through the guild be prepared to find some tips and tricks along the way from some old and new members, and maybe from some neighbouring guild or two. Perhaps a master of a craft of narrating, long gone on to earn themselves a name…

Quest bored

Ready to face some challenges? To try your hand at a new job?! Come find one here and hear your badges!

Player cards:

Learn about your fellow guild mates and make friends!

The bar (forums) :

The place to rest and train!

General Discussions → your stage: Share your work

Table of recommendations: Drop in your own recommendations and glance into others to expand your range or simply find something for a Sunday read

Tips and Tricks → Table of secrets: What makes your signature in your work? How do you define it as yours? Any aid to help guide your merry men?

Table of ideas: Expand, plan, unite! Join together as two minds is better than one!

Questions → Table of enquiries: Questions for your fellow guild mates?


As for now the dragon is snoozing! When we finally figure out how to wake it, we shall finally have it fire up the old fuel and start juicing some live streams!

Send a messenger bird:

Any inquiries for your counsel? Any suggestions to make the guild better? Any offerings from your own skills set? Send a bird to your council members and one shall arise to the challenge of replying!

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