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Why not take a break and write?

During these stressful times

With upcoming deadlines,

How about a little self care?

A deep breath of fresh air?

Seasonal Greeting Guild mates!

My apologise for no post last week, sickness infected my veins and held me from completing all my duties!

But this week I come to you with (what I hope will be) a useful post on this merry day: Writing exercises for mental health.

As we get closer to deadlines, I am sure, I am not the only ones who is signing up to compete for the tittle of 'work-acholic' this season, but it is important for one to stay in good form not only physically but mentally as we!

One way to do that?

Well, it can simply be a 5-10 min writing break that can help you reset for the day ahead.

Now, I know at this point the majority of you may have already heard and tested the age-old method of journaling - and I know that it is not one that people take to, after all: what is journaling? Writing your feelings? But how?

Usually the reason you are recommended it is because you haven't been able to express your feelings and instead they have been creeping below the surface of your consciousness, or perhaps already slipped into it, becoming a unidentifiable cause for your expressed emotions and responses at times --> a detrimental thing to ones mind body and soul.

And so I come today with a message on how exactly to write your emotions into your control.

Though I do warn you, like with all things in these blogs, most of what I share with you is what I have tired and tested, and so may often, as is the case here, come to favour the things that I have found to work for me. But every mind is different. The requirements to give it sustenance or - as in this case - help break it down to be more... manageable, are bound to be different. So though what I suggest may not work for you, fear not! There is a vast amount of tips out there on the world wide web for you to consume and try - perhaps one that is calling your name!

So here are my tricks to write your story to hold some... reasonable amount of mental health points:

First: Free writing --> Write as it comes. Don't think. Just let what ever appears within your head flow, whether it's in coherent sentences, singular words, or simply just what happened today - just write.

This can help you become more aware of aspects of your life, where your thoughts of residing, and perhaps, what your sub conscious is playing in the background, long forgotten but still there, lingering beneath the surface, effecting you

Next up, is: timing your self --> Now, I know this sounds ridiculous to some people, after all: why give yourself a pseudo deadline? Well, I have found when I have access time to do something, my mind is quick to procrastinate with the thought: I have time, I can get it done... later. So often setting a time limit for my writing times (whether 5 minutes, 10 or 30) can set my brain in to drive mode, rearing to get things done before we run out of time and cannot touch the topic any long. It is kind of like the placebo effect on your self --> did you know that was possible? You can be fully aware you are doing it, but yet, our minds still react to the fake commitment. Research it! Its quiet interesting how gullible our minds can be even when we think they are aware...

And lets not forget: biblio-therapy or otherwise known as pen poetry!

Poetry is a weird thing. Not quite popular today and can be seen as not useful to those who cannot make a quick connection with the short verses, in this age of fast consumption - however it was popular for a reason, and can be valued because it can help you understand all the crazy and chaotic emotions going through your head - even if at the end of it all you've come to understand is that you are over worked and in emotional and mental burn out and so you become able to justify a day away from assignments! And it doesn't have to be well written or complex. Perhaps it mimics the modern lyrics patterns we often get in songs or rap music? Just make what your heart contents and gets the job done!

And last but not least, the classic example - Writing a letter. Address it to whoever or to the world, expressing your selves and your emotions, before you swipe the match and lighting that baby up, burning away all your expression to never be read by any praying eyes!

Now, to bring this to a end, there is no writing quest or shared writing piece for this post, as the topic in question is quiet a private one. All I ask is you give your self a few moments of your day to just... breath during these stressful times. 2020 has been a year of its own challenge. If all you have done in the end of this year is rest, then good on you! Though some have taken to challenges or new life styles or techniques, sometimes all one can do to deal with the pressure of the times is take a break, and that's okay. We all function differently and perhaps resting was exactly what you needed this year, with all its chaos - is it no less of an activity then the others!

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