What would you like to see from us?

Greetings Guild mates, it has been quiet some time since we have talked, my apologies!

The monster of essays took hold of me in their grasp and refused to let go!

But I finally broke free and am back to writing some blog and planning some socials!

But first, I must request something of immediate importance, your dear opinions!

What would you like to see from this website and society?

Would you like some fortnightly sessions to keep you accountable? Would you Like to forum some writing groups? Perhaps some weekly prompts and ideas? Reading groups?

We are in the process of planning and setting out socials so all opinions will be welcome!

Remember: We are still looking for more bloggers so if there are any of you who are interested, whether for a one of test, or for long term interest, send us a messenger bird with your ideas!

Writing exercise:

Can you write something based on the video below? Weather one sentence or more, why not give it a try in the comments below? Or perhaps just in your writing journal for no one else to glance upon!

Here, I'll go first:

Magic hummed within my veins, traveling from sword to skin. A voice rang in my head- no, a laugh. It chimed vibrantly as the flames, joyous and free, dazzling me. The room disappeared. Gone is sensei and the reverent monks, the traditional room and the ancient statue, the roar of the storm and its ever encasing cold.

The minute I picked up the sword, a blaze had erupted, my senses encapsulated by the lighting shock that sparked where skin met metal.

Then, three words snag through the air. Their tone like a clash of weapons, loud an clear, but only for my ears:

"I am free!"

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