Welcome to the Narrator's guild!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

*Scene: The great hall*

👑 Rose: Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to your new home known Narrator's Guild!

Upon joining you have taken the oath of working hard and creatively.

🐰 Bex: Work smarter not harder.

🍪 Adi: We hope your stay is welcome and warm!

🗑️ Tash: Wacky too!

👑 Rose: Always raise your sword even if you know it won't be your finest stroke!

🖋️ Martin: Have valour when facing down trials and challenges from the quest board!

🐰 Bex: And let your hearts not forget that this is not only a place of work and creativity but a place of safety and kindness!

🍪 Adi: and many warm hugs!

🗑️ Tash: Oooo hugs!

**Image description: Picture of Fairy Tail Guild grand hall grey in colour with flags waving in the wind**

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