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To find our beginnings!

Greetings Guild Members!

It seems we've been quiet delayed with lifting this blog of its feet lately, what with the dark clouds of that-which-shall-not-be-named sending waves of its bad juju through our lives, even if not directly effected by its power. So we have been slow in finding our rhythm with the unusual situation we have been placed in, and many new trials we have had to face, lately, So pardon us for the delay!

But we have been working behind the scenes, figuring out much to engage you in, within the wonderful world of Storytelling!

Unfortunately, with the situation I am sure much of you, like me, are to be stuck within your accommodations for this coming festive season, whether due to the face you are not able to get home in time for the holidays, are stuck trying to finish your assignments, or are like me: Shielding behind four walls as though your mind is that of a 18 -20 something year old, your body is not!

But as I sit stuck here, in my lonely little (book filled) corner of the world, waiting for the day I can properly breath fresh air on walks again and return back to my (admittedly very miniscule) regular amount of socialising once again, I thought I would turn to the pseudo piece of socialising I can do, as I am sure many of you have perhaps done: THE INTERNET!!

So here I am, attempting to entertain you all rather then scourging together a team of bloggers as originally planned, as I have my own blog currently in the circulation to attend.

(Though, don't get me wrong, that is still a aim for this website, the team that is: so if any of you out there who have a wish to taste that pallet of life a bloggers life or are a writer who has found blogging to be their calling, consider sending us a messenger bird - whether simply for a trial of a blog here and there, or to become a permanent member on the bloggers squad! The blogs can be about anything in relation the storytelling domain: novels, TV series, poems, comics, manga's, and more! Even Web comics are a form of storytelling!)

So, if any of you are out there craving the same social sustenance as me, or simply looking for entertainment, why not grab a warm drink, your comfiest blanket and settle in to your fav nook, chair or even on your bed and enjoy the writing others have to offer Or perhaps there is something you wish to yourself! Writings of all forms are accepted!

This is a website for people to share all sorts of narrative styles (as mentioned above) and to consume

We are sort of like Wattpad, but without the many one direction fan fics and open use to the whole internet. This is a small corner of the internet reserved for the creative souls of Keele University!

Right now we have a new challenge up on the quest bored: Seasons of Warmth

The snowflakes are starting to fall and the bells are chiming: the winter holidays are around the corner! Fellow adventurer, are you ready to bring home the light in time for the season? Pick as many prompts of this winter themed list and let you creativity run free:



❄️New Year










To be completed whenever you like! So whatever festival you celebrate this end of year season, feel free to join whether with a old memory, or a new tale crafted to these tittle!

Remember to share on the forums (the bar)

Though I knew it can be quiet daunting to start a new story, even a practice piece! The anxiety of starting something can often be the biggest hurdle to pass - after there is no map to this! So why don't I give you a starting point?

Whether to participate in the challenge, or simply to use as a warm up exercise, here is your beginning:

The flames warm...

If you simply wish to participate as a warm up exercise for some personal writing, why not share it down below in the comments! I will be sure to check them out and reply to as many as I can! You can simply just try and finish the sentence, or write a paragraph!

Here is my go at it:

Winter blues

The flames warmed my numb hands, as the bitter cold still tinged my checks. I thought it only a quick trip to the storage cupboard or not a minute longer then necessary. But all was foiled by the little goblins down the lane, ruining another rainy day, during my stay. I crave the old trips down to Rainweather cove where water reigned, soothing maddened souls. Instead I've come and got my self struck in the fairy forest with jumper and her mutts.

So much for a decent winter...

I don't know what to make of this piece, maybe its going somewhere, maybe it isn't.

As I weaved the sentences all I can think of is adventures to come for our poor soul -= maybe she will find herself enjoying the hard earth more then she think she will --> or maybe she learns woodland creatures are definably not to her take. Back to the ocean she will go!

And as for this blog, and many more to come, I thought it would be a nice addition to chose a piece I very much enjoyed on here, to share with you all! (as well as more writing exercises to come!)

And this weeks piece is by our player Cinnamon called 'Dreams'

Tireless, they work, they craft,

Build structures high, plan and draft,

For future's sake, for generations new,

They all call out, we all need you.

But take a break, rest your head,

Madness comes for the ill-prepared,

Who sold their soul to fill the role,

Work day and night, and you will fall.

So sleep, my friend, and don't forget,

Always you'll make choices to regret,

But live life sweet, like chocolate cream,

Breathe, my friend, and always dream.

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