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New years, new level ups!

Greetings guild mates,

On the day of new years eve, I am sure there is to be new hopes and dreams, with hearts alive with visions of new adventures, whether it is for the next series or movie to watch, or new challenges to set yourself!

And so I approach you on this eve, where stomachs and hearts have been filled with Christmas cheers, and perhaps pockets with gold and sweets, with mayhap a chance to guide you into a new year of improvements...

I write to you, as I wrangle with my assignments, trying to traverse the difficult plans of essays to gain success, so I have not bee able to give much thought to a blog of the usual theme, but with remembrance of new years and possible new resolutions coming up, even if its prayers for simply a better year then the last, I remembered a book that has aided me along my journey into writing and has been said to have been of assistance to the likes of many famous authors; writers who roamed back down their routes later, to come to contribute to later additions within this series.

And without further and ado I present to you, Writers&Artists : The inside guide to media.

Their Yearbook of 2016 was a insight into the writing community for me, guiding me through the behind the scenes of authors and artists, from insights into writers journeys, from published authors of all genres (from fantasy to horror to sci-fi and more), as well as a guide to how publishing works, whether you wish to take a traditional route or that of a self publishing path way!

And that is not all, this book comes packed with a list of literary agents (who and why they are of great importance along the path of a writer) as well as publishing houses in the UK AND writers and artists competition.

And something you may not have thought about, like I certainly hadn't when dreaming of joining the guild of writers: INCOME TAXS! (I know, not as fun of a topic like fighting monsters, or wrangling words to your will, but it is a task to face down any path you walk, so any advice or early information is always knowledge of great value, especially as a early teen as I was when I first was faced with the topic of finance and future income

Other tips and tricks it includes are: copywrite laws, information of societies and festivals, creative writing courses, poetry organisations, newspapers and magazines for publishing and what they publish and much more!

It is almost like a phone book for the world of publishing and media !

The website also includes advice and an editorial service --> and what more it is set to be coming for more features in the year of 2021 to be more suited to your needs, making it easier to find the advice you require!

And they do not only create and bind yearbooks like such, but they also include many other productions, some specific to perhaps your chosen interest in writing - such as:

You can help support the creators by purchasing these from their website it self as I had, or through Bloomsbury, their publishers.

Though it seems Blackwell's is currently holding some for sale prices with free delivery in UK (this book seller seems to be holding the cheapest price for the yearbook from my minor research of a good search)

And as the yearbooks are published every year, of course, I am sure you can purchase a second hand copy some where amongst the inter-webs!

And I shall leave you there folks, as I have assignments and coffee to return to! I wish you success in completing your own as well!

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