*Scene: Again in the great hall*

🍪 Adi: Hey look i made the poster

🐰 Bex: Maybe we should make a post about it then

🗑️ Tash: LETS DO IT!

👑 Rose: You guys are chaotic

🖋️ Martin: Indeed... Anyway, We have our first social event on Wednesday 14th October at 5 pm

👑 Rose: We have been working hard as a team to make a Kahoot! Quiz for all of you to join in!

🍪 Adi: This will be held on our Microsoft team channel so if you haven't been added message either here or on Facebook so we can help you

🐰 Bex: Remember to search "creative writing society" on the KeeleSU page to join

🗑️ Tash: I thought we were called the Narrator's Guild?

👑 Rose: We are but its not been changed on the SU page yet

🖋️ Martin: Raise your swords and join us for a night of fun

📚 All: See you there!

**Image description: Poster with 5 different coloured box's one large orange on in the top centre saying "Creative writing Society" Then 4 smaller ones in a square shape giving information about the event. a red box on top left saying "our first social". a blue box top right saying "Day: Wednesday 14th October". a yellow box bottom left saying "Time: 5 pm". and finally a green box bottom right saying "Place: Creative writing Society's Microsoft teams channel"**

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