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Festive socials and Poems!

Greetings Guild members!

On this cold weekend I bid you all seasonal greetings and Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

This week I bring important news!

We are to have our next social soon!

For this social we are thinking of a shared movie night → To pick how we would do that, and what movie we are to watch, head over to our Facebook page! Either vote on an already suggested movie, or perhaps put forward one of your own! So far up is Christmas Carol or Nativity → we were going for the theme of: book-turned-into-movie that was also holiday involved.

Tell us your favourite holiday themed book in the comments below!

In other news we have managed to fix the bug that had appeared upon the website - which most of you may not have been affected by unless you had perhaps used a non-keele email to sign up on. Thankfully, after a guildmate brought it up, our dear guardian of the socials: Bex came to the rescue and figured out the issue... one wrongly placed bracket in the coding…

It appears when our website organisers updated, it had come with this fault, but thanks to our dear mortal Bex all is well in the guild again!

We have also updated the Quest Forums with a section to share your responses to our Seasons of warmth quest, found at The Bar!

As for this blogs writing quest: Acrostic poems!




  1. a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.

They can be a fun warm up for the brain or the beginnings of a new piece! You can do it based on a festive word or if that is not to your suiting on whatever you wish!

Here is one I did in the past for a writing class, based on my first name, with the instruction to use it to tell the reader something about who I am:

I must

Keep striving

Reading, for to be

Alive, is knowing

And last but not least, the piece of work I wish to share with you this blog Post is 'Times mirage' by the councils very own draconic financial advisor - Adi!:

Time's Mirage

Two crystalline amber eyes sparkled back at mine. Their pale snow-white shoulder-length hair danced with the gentle breeze among the monkshood petals. And the most stunning thing of all: their smile. It was a warming ray of sunlight, and yet… it also sent a shiver down my spine. It was such an unforgettable smile; both due to its beauty, and the fear that it brought to my heart. Why? Why did I fear such beauty? My brain could simply not decipher the sight shown by my heart. And that is, perhaps, why I couldn’t help but reach for their arm every time. And every time… they felt like a grasp and an eternity away, all at the same time. A mirage to my eyes. Why did such perfection manifest itself, and vanish at the same time? As the years passed, the same figure appeared in front of my eyes…. My fascination only grew for this creature. Who were they? Who were they to me? Who was I to them? And everytime I kept reaching, over and over… It was like a trance. A loop. A dream. In my daily life, the aroma of monkshood petals creeped around every corner; driving me around, at the same time as fear kept engulfing my heart. Despite the fear, I craved to see them again. The fear was something I soon grew accustomed to. Was that why, as fear was secondary to me, that the figure was slowly becoming more translucent? A pale white mist, with two sparkly amber stones, which lingered with the contrasting purple monkshood petals… A mesmerizing sparkling wave that kept drawing me closer; attracting me like a moth to the moon. I was slowly drawn to the current of this ray of light. The distance was soon contracting. My hands. Their arm. They slowly fused together. It was my time. The mirage I restlessly chased, was now with me. I finally understood. My time. My chase. My fear. It was all over now...

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